Wednesday, October 20, 2004

The Price of Oil appears more people are reading this blog than I had thought (which is good I suppose). Your comments have all been fine and I just bet all the petroleum consumers are loving that the average price of gas is now over two dollars and the price of oil is just over $55. We'd all be heroes if we'd quit using petroleum. And all you people who say you're Christians living by Jesus' principles, but are you really living by them?

So more on Vauban. I use to think everything was connected and everything mattered. That type of thinking is nothing more than a tranquilizer so we don't get pissed about the painful, ugly truth.

Vauban says nothing's connected. Life is random and cruel so it doesn't matter what you do. The Jaffe's find this a little threatening but it's very convincing. My ex won't let me see my daughter and she's brainwashing her to not think or feel. What kind of reality is that?

Shout out to and for linking to me today - it made me realize I needed to update this. Go Red Sox...WORD!